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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Me Bird

The Me Bird - Pablo Neruda

Inspirée d’un très beau poème de Pablo Neruda, ce film « The Me Bird » est une superbe création en stop-motion basée sur la technique du pochoir. Une inspiration artistique magnifique réalisée par le studio brésilien 18bis.

The Me Bird

I am the Pablo Bird,

bird of a single feather,

a flier in the clear shadow

and obscure clarity,

my wings are unseen,

my ears resound

when I walk among the trees

or beneath the tombstones

like an unlucky umbrella

or a naked sword,

stretched like a bow

or round like a grape,

I fly on and on not knowing,

wounded in the dark night,

who is waiting for me,

who does not want my song,

who desires my death,

who will not know I'm arriving

and will not come to subdue me,

to bleed me, to twist me,

or to kiss my clothes,

torn by the shrieking wind.

That's why I come and go,

fly and don't fly but sing:

I am the furious bird

of the calm storm.

-  Pablo Neruda

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Jew to Zionist Fighters

What do you actually
Do you really want to
those who trod you
a generation ago
into your own blood
and into your own
Do you want to pass on
the old torture
to others now
in all its bloody and
dirty detail
with all the brutal
delight of torturers
as suffered by your
Do you really want to
be the new Gestapo
the new Wehrmacht
the new SA and SS
and turn the
into the new Jews?
Well then I too want,
having fifty years ago
myself been tormented
for being a Jew boy
by your tormentors,
to be a new Jew with
these new Jews
you are making of the
And I want to help lead
them as a free people
into their own land of
from whence you have
driven them or in which
you apprentices of the
you fools and
changelings of history
whose Star of David on
your flags
turns every quicker
into that damned
symbol with its four
that you just do not
want to see
but whose path you are
following today


         Erich Fried

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toy on Target

'Crucifixion with darkened sun' - Egon Schiele

instead of bombs
for the Festival of the
said the market
will doubtlessly
make an impression
It has made
a great
on the whole world

If the aeroplane
had dropped the toys
a fortnight ago
and only now the
my two children
thanks to your kindness
would have had
something to play with
for those two weeks

(On the day of the Vietnamese "Festival of the Children" US bombers dropped toys, even on villages where shortly before children had been killed by their bombs)

Thank you to Roland Rance for sending this poem.

Erich Fried