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Friday, February 14, 2014


The Sign and Emptiness

If emptiness is empty
How can something be borne or awaken from it

If there is something beyond
Where does it sleep, through what does it move

If emptiness is endless
Then everything rests in emptiness

If the Sign awakens
Then from emptiness it looks at emptiness

A Beam and a Sign

A ray of light is a smile of emptiness
How lonely she is without it

Smiling emptiness—
An awakening sign

A sign waits for emptiness
And quietly lurks while waiting

The Light-Bearer Sign

The Ray-Sign angers the darkness
She was content, indeed calm before the Sign,
In absolute peace

The Ray is the first destroyer—
A Devil to the darkness

The Light-Bearer brings chaos
Into her blessed peace

The Sign Conquers the Darkness

The Supreme Sign gazes into darkness
From darkness

He is not the light-ray

Darkness is angry
He is her closest keen

Darkness yields in the end
Giving in to the Supreme Sign

From the game, the world was Born
Darkness is the mother,
The father is the Sign

Sign and Darkness

When he gets outside himself
He becomes a beam of light
Moving into darkness

His love is equal
To the immeasurable depth of darkness

Hi is the lover of darkness
A free beam in the bed of night

Supreme Sign Sight

Sign is a light
And a gravity force

He never betrayed himself

He arrives
Where a ray cannot even peek


from the Book: "The Sign and Its Children"
by Serbian Poet Dejan Stojanović.


I share what comes [out] from me, or speaks to me.

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